Thursday, June 25, 2009

Part 2: The Car Legends are Built On

Life is crazily unpredictable. And we learned it is impossible to judge people by their appearance. A few days before we moved, four police knocked at our door at 2 in the morning. They were looking for my dangerous husband. Yes, the owner of the little red Jetta had assisted a fugitive of justice. And all the police knew was that Ben still owned the car. Well, even bleary eyed from being waken from our peaceful slumber, we knew we had done one thing right. We made a copy of our title of ownership transfer. The police wanted the name of the purchaser. We readily handed over his name and address. In short time, one policeman pulled up a photo of "the purchaser" on his cab car computer. And lo and behold, we had signed the Jetta's title over to a "super felon."

Rewinding to before we listed the car on Craig's List, we had been cautious of the moral fiber of the website's patrons. We even had deleted our listing after five minutes. But due to the overwhelming response to the car's cheap price, we waived our better instincts aside for a little cash for a "rotten tomato" of a car. (Since the car wasn't yellow, it can't truly be considered a lemon.)

And so we unintentionally sold that darn Jetta, that craves notoriety as much as it guzzles oil, to a "super felon." That car has always attracted the law. (I should know since I got my first warning and my first speeding ticket in it.) Humorously at the time of sale, the driver's door was difficult to open so a quick getaway was out of the question. Stowing illegal drugs in the trunk may backfire as the trunk was finicky about opening and preferred to stay locked even with the key in its release button. Our felon will be caught in the car with the goods! And we will have led the police to him.

This bizarre incident was used by God to move my reluctant heart. Of course, me, prone to an exaggerated disposition, thought, "We are going to be murdered in our beds because we snitched on this felon." The Jetta scandal made me more ready to move the many states away and see the sun set on Michigan.

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