Thursday, June 25, 2009

One bite at a Time

After a series of "capital A" Annoyances, we are officially in our new home.

1) The movers didn't estimate correctly so they left all our couches and many tables behind (They thought we could share the leftover space of another Texas bound move.)
2) The transmission on our car went kaput as we travelled...we took an emergency stop in Baton Rouge.
3) Our neighbor called us while we stopped in a dirty motel somewhere...their cat had disappeared. They thought perhaps it had climbed aboard our moving truck. Little did they know, there were 2 moving trucks heading in opposite directions. The 2nd truck went to Grand Rapids to store our extra things till another truck heading to Texas could bring them down here.
4) Our house is wired weirdly. We couldn't make long distance phone calls to tell people we had finally arrived. After hours on the phone and 2 servicemen scratching their heads, they found a single jack in a cabinet on which we could call long distance.
5)The gas man discovered a leak on our line. Also one of the hot water heaters doesn't stay lit.
6) When you run the water from the faucet it smells like rotten eggs. Gag!
7) We protested our property taxes. A cheer for a little tax relief.
8) The plumbers came... now we can take a hot shower in our wing of the house.
9) The telephone guy came back and rewired our jacks.
10) Our pool service guy said our pool has always been a problem child.
11) The car mechanic said the axle is stuck in the transmission and it may break the case when he pulls it out...more money.
12) There are giant cockroaches here. And the mosquitoes have feasted on our flesh.
13) Yesterday I was told, "You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time." A huge transition and unending tasks can be totally overwhelming, I loved this sage advice.
In all things give thanks! And remember to chew that elephant with your mouth shut.


M&M&M said...

Wow! I did not know #3, 10, and 11!

Sorry to hear about the car...I do so hope and will pray this morning that nothing breaks in the fixing. :)

Jane said...

A whisper from your past...
Dear Anna,
This "story" reminds me of our move to Kingsport many long years ago. Life is always an adventure!!!

Your family is lovely! How I remember you and your brothers and sister playing with my boys. There was the dress-up stage, the soccer/cheerleader stage, the special birthday with dads (one of Marty's most treasured memories).

We wish you, Ben, and your family well in this latest addition of your life adventure...back to TX.


Jenny said...

Oh, goodness. What a story! Glad to hear that you and family are all safe and healthy, amidst the other various "disasters" on your trip to TX! Welcome back to the sweltering heat and big ol' skeeters!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Shall share this story with a group in Saudi as we are studying The Respectable Sins (are there any such?) Your blogs always make me laugh with delight and delight in their truth!