Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kayaK (spelled backwards)

Who said kayaks can't be used in the swimming pool? Fritz demonstrates the stability of our Ripper.

Alex and Emily enjoying my new exercise machine. A kayak designed for a lady. I can carry it by myself. In a custom world, I would have chosen a different color, but in a practical world...price matters. It is knock your water socks off green.

Jane in her fabulous lady bug vest. Our present to her for her birthday was a present for our peace of mind. She swims beautifully with it.

My sunbeam.

Rush hour in the pool.

Living the life.


WigintonFamily said...

oh my this post makes me want to drive down there today! looks like your pool isn't such a problem child after all. have fun with it!

M & M said...

I think this is how I should start!

Kevin and Tonny said...


Jeanine said...

Precious! Makes me want a pool! Or maybe a Kayak? or both?

Jane said...

Looks like Texas is agreeing with you and your family. The children are growing so fast! I have to admit, I'm partial to the expression on Jane's face. Is she as impish as her photos express? Are you teaching the children at home?

Thanks for stopping by my "gator" blog. We did have a lot of fun with these photos...and so did our husbands!

Jane (Artfully Graced)