Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prevarication & Flattery Lift my Spirits

Tonight at dinner when I told the kids that mom and dad have a welcome reception to attend in a few days and a sitter is going to come. Jane told me quite cutely that she isn't going to lie to the babysitter anymore. I wonder what that means. If only we had a nanny cam, I could catch Jane, fingers crossed behind her back, telling the babysitter her bedtime is 10 pm and she is given candy as a reward for brushing her teeth.

In the car on the way home from the library to borrow Foyle's War (my newest dvd diversion while stripping wallpaper), the kids were deciding what kind of animals we are. Emily thought I should be a mouse (maybe she thinks I'm meek), but when I didn't seem overly thrilled to be a rodent, she said I could be a sparkly pig. Well, oink, oink. Maybe I've told her one too many times our house is a pig pen. At least, I am no ordinary pig...I'm "sparkly".


Jenny said...

I think you'd make a lovely sparkly pig! I like your creative kids. And I'm always amazed you can do projects like stripping wallpaper with kids around. I know you have other projects lined up that seem equally daunting to me: painting, knocking down and rebuilding walls, re-tiling floors, re-wiring the electricity to all your light fixtures, etc. You're amazing!

So Blessed said...

I was sitting here dying laughing! I love the images that these stories bring to mind!

Jeanine said...

I also think you would make a wonderful sparkly pig! :) Your kids have such wonderful imaginations!