Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Friday Fishermen

So its Friday afternoon approximately 3pm and the weather is slightly chilly and the clouds seem to promise rain or at least discomfort. However to someone near and dear it is the perfect weather to fish. Being drenched with rain and/or salt water matters not as long as the fishing is good. I toss a red windbreaker into the big someone's hands for the smaller someone and wave goodbye. My afternoon turns darker as the rain pounds down and the hour hand speaks uncomfortable truth. It's late. Those at home have eaten supper and been put to bed. About 10:30 pm, my fishermen come home. As I walk into the garage, I can smell the tanginess of the ocean. I scooch the cooler out of the bed of the truck. Daintily lifting the lid, I can see the cooler is proudly serving its man-given purpose. There is a large haul of fish. Alex hooked five ...one is a stingray. And if you have your beverage glass handy, here's to scallops in your soup and fish on our grill.


M & M said...

Wow! What a big guy! (I mean Alex, but the fish is too!)
Is stingray good to eat, by the way?

Shayna said...

Way to go, Alex! What an impressive catch!