Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy 11

2 weeks old in Proud Papa's hands. Alex was born six weeks early and barely five pounds. His legs were little sticks and his skin was wrinkly from lack of fat.

11 Things I love about Alex

11. He helps me dry pots and pans without me asking.
10. He listens attentively.
9. He is a guardian to his sisters and best buddy to his brother.
8. He is a super bug killer.
7. He desires to do what is right.
6. He is hardworking.
5. He knows if Boba Fett wears shoes and what color they are.
4. He assists me with math calculations.
3. He is blessed with ideas.
2. He is tender to the persecuted.
1. He is my ladder lifter and furniture mover.

On a Sunday 11 years ago Alex was born. And as the nursery rhyme goes Sunday's child is full of grace. My young man is indeed growing in grace and love for his Lord.


M & M said...

Happy Birthday, eldest nephew!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex!

Kevin, Tonny, Ruth, and Molly

WigintonFamily said...

happy birthday! he is growing up so fast! i still remember when he would hug his dog/cow and sing himself to sleep in the back seat of your little red car at night when we would make late evening runs to rent movies.

Jane said...

Happy belated birthday, Alex.
I am so impressed that you know the color of Boba Fett's shoes. My boys would be proud...

Jane (Artfully Graced)