Thursday, January 13, 2011

Read and Breathe

An amazing survival story of a POW. The best part was he was spared for an eternal purpose.

God still brings hardened people to himself and the testimony to His work is a joy to read.

Perspective. Maybe I'll be slower to whine when my fingers ache and my shins are bruised. I have my arms and legs! Nick's attitude, accomplishments and lessons learned are inspiring.

Snell's cutting wit and humor make his childhood adventures as a MK intoxicatingly funny. There are two sequels that carry you further into the jungles of Peru.

Fiction that deals with life's hardness, depression and unforgiveness in a compelling parable-like way. Scripture is beautifully entwined in the heroine's thought process as she comes to understand God's character.

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M & M said...

Did not realize the first book was written by David Nasser until searched for it at library (did not have, by the way) We heard him speak at CFBC about 5 years ago. Incredible of the few sermons I still remember and often ponder and tell others about.