Friday, June 10, 2011


Last night, Fluke, my brown-eyed boy, got a new smile. I should never have blogged about Emily. I think I jinxed Fluke. While quietly reading on the couch, he leaned down to pick something up off the floor and hit his front adult tooth on the glass coffee table. It fractured in two, shortening the length of his entire tooth. He brought me the 3 or 4 millimeter piece and I originally thought it was a baby tooth. Well, after a rush appointment at the dentist this morning Fluke has a new bonded smile. And yes, his front teeth no longer match perfectly, but the dentist was cautious to work on the tooth with the trauma it sustained. And as a 8 year old boy with teeth coming in and teeth going out, I think it looks utterly cute.

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Jane said...

Fluke joins the ranks of Reid and Marty! Both have bonded smiles...Reid lost his "half" on the sidewalk in Plano...chasing and playing with your brother! Marty lost BOTH front teeth (he had a huge V in the front top teeth when we married) while trying to balance on an oil drum.