Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A week of images: A year of memories

Hillbilly darling

Such a sweet reunion!

My dear boy who ran to me with arms outstretched.

Camp is so special because it is all about the cross.

Sixth grade camo night.

Alex and Petri Fish

My girl with inexhaustible energy like her daddy.

None of these are my kids, but this picture made me laugh.

O Slick and Emily

Sombrero Night

Putt putt in the piney woods.

Emily and her "cabinets" (I think she means cabinmates)

Again not my kid, but I couldn't tell if the kid or the horse seemed more enthusiastic.

My expressive child.

A bit shorter than her friends.

Zip line with another substitute child

This is MY muddy boy.

Emily for Hillbilly night

Intergalactic night

Yum, yum

Cool photo

Wile E Coyote

My golden girl

Funky Town and Fritz

Bugs Bunny

A line of pretty girls

And I thought my boy's hair was long.

Neon night

The start of the Great Crud War

My wiery navigator who got us to camp in the first place. He read the maps while I drove.

Funky Town and Fritz


Jane said...

and a great time was had by all....

This looks like a fabulously fun camp. I especially LOVE the mud. It reminds me of Lake Junaluska and the mud hill by "kids" made by sliding down in the rain. (I was chaperoning a youth retreat) It was sooooo much fun!!! and yes, I slid down the hill, too.

BTW...google the song Dandelions by Five Iron Frenzy. It's a favorite of mine...reminding me of my boys...and it reminds me of yours, too.

M & M said...

looks like they had a grand time!
especially love the extra kids you picked up along the way...:)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures an catching up with the kids. love to all dgb