Monday, May 14, 2012

Snake Handlers

Fritz spotted this 60 inch snake in the middle of our street the other day. As Ben reached down to grab it, the snake reared its ugly head and darted its tongue. Ben's youth, which could make a Texas tall tale, was full of adventures with Rattlers. Consequently, Ben didn't think twice when he handled this Texas Rat Snake.

I, on the other hand, lived the life of a city girl and was convinced the snake had the head of a diamond, perhaps 500 carats, and the venom of 100 cobras. My Saturday would have been perfectly bright without experiencing a reptile up close. If I had had the nerve, I would have hit the snake with a 2 by 4 if Alex hadn't done so first. Ben, who is outdoor educated, was horrified that his eldest would hurt a perfectly beautiful snake. Heartless me couldn't have cared less. Inwardly I delighted that I could trust Alex to be a man of action and to slay (or, at least, daze) all the monsters in my life.

While the snake was in a semi-stunned state from the jolt to his noggin, Alex held it. Even still, the snake curled its tail around Alex's arm and started to constrict. Now if that doesn't give you goose bumps, I don't know what will.

FYI: The snake was relocated to our neighborhood creek. Maybe he'll think twice before heading this way again.


jmac said...

Oh NO ma'am!!! Here, at our lakehouse in TX, many many mr. no shoulders come to visit. I have no pity on them, poisonous or not...they have to go. Like away. Far far away! Like dead!! I love every living thing in this world EXCEPT snakes!! Altho all three of my boys growing up made every one of them their best friend!!

M & M said...

What a handsome, brave grown man! (I mean Alex, of course!)

Jane said...

I don't care one bit what kind of snake it's a SNAKE! and I'll scream, run, call for assistance...whatever it takes to get it out of my sight! Except for the resident black snake. He and I are friends...since he keeps the bad guys away.

The 3 sons liked to bring in ring-neck snakes, wrapped around their hands...just to scare me. (Kind of like me putting green frogs in the toilet to scare my mom. Yes, I was a bad girl!)