Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday's Camera

May God shed his grace on America anew.  Without his implored presense, these flags are vacant banners in the wind.  All freedom leads back to Christ.

My boys were licking their lips as Ben concetrates on adding just the right amount of seasoning.  We have steaks only every six months so it was a rare treat.

Tomatoes and beans from our garden.

Over several weeks, we bought lumber, lugged it, measured it, cut it, nailed it, bruised our bodies, strained our legs, constructed sections, broke drill bits, and finally cemented our 75 foot trellis.  It is our Great Wall.  It separates the East from the West, but it just happens, in our yard both sides are free.  

I am pretty proud of those four in the foreground and well, that Great Wall in the background might as well be a fifth child (only kidding). 

Shirt hems pulled upward make excellent produce carriers.

Boys pose differently than girls.

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