Monday, May 20, 2013

Booked and Ticketed

Ready for travel?  These books will take you from Afghanistan to Arkansas.
An excellent book full of the life transforming, mind bending work of our God.  It was a pleasure to read and be reminded of how unique and powerful is the message of the cross and resurrection.  God clothed himself in humanity for our sake.  Jesus completed the work so that we can be counted righteous before God.  Those who are called by His Name do not live in uncertainty of their future, such a stark contrast to the Muslim viewpoint where the scales are pulled out and only if they tip the right way will you gain access to paradise.  I particularly love how God used a single woman in a land where women are not respected.  God still works through unusual vessels.

At times a little bawdy, but this was an interesting firsthand account opening in the 1920s about the lives of British servants.  Though class distinction is strictly enforced, the son of the house scandalously marries the parlor maid.  The cook pens the nonfiction tale from her perspective and does so with jabs all around.   She possesses a pan full of secular wisdom and tops it off with the personality peculiarities of the other domestics.

A sweet family that love the Lord and consider it a privilege to be set apart.  It was a closer look at how they biblically parent and encourage one another.  I particularly liked the story of how Jim Bob growing up remembered a time when there was no food in the house and how there was one jar of decorative rice that his mom took off the shelf and cooked.  His frugal background and wise parents didn't rack up consumer debt so that their kids could have an abundance.  What a reminder that less with a lesson is more than feasting with strife. 
With the current excess in America, I appreciate that the Duggars have chosen to be debt-free and are grateful for thrift store finds.  I respect the decisions they have made and know that they have been found faithful with instructing their children in the ways of the Lord.

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