Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sparkle and Light by Jane

After giving Alex a photography assignment, Jane begged to borrow his camera and take some of her own. I think it is interesting that she chose her own theme.  A great many of my little Button Bright's pictures had to do with shine.  How appropriate as her eyes sparkle with the light of an inner candle.

Being half the height of me, her perspective is really cool.  Her gaze is heavenward and you can't beat that.

Jane had a pair of flip flops that were encrusted with diamonds.  The flip flops started looking shabbier and shabbier as the diamonds were lost about town.  Some weeks ago we snipped the remaining diamonds off and put them in a zip lock bag.  I noticed Jane had poured them out on one of my stools and taken a photo.  How very clever.

This is the only photo I took.   This is a glimpse into Jane's heart.  Ben is the meddler, but unprompted, my sweet 7 year old added to the blackboard.  Isn't it marvelous that my look alike twins articulated the same truth in two different ways. 

Jesus is the melodious medley and the music of his presence is the Way of Light.

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