Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saturday Puppies Work Hard for a Living

In the midst of the snow and ice storm two puppies were abandoned at our house. 
The girls were given dog food from the neighbor and have fed and cuddled the poor things.
This is our fourth day of school cancellations and the roads are still slick with ice.  The landscape is starting to look like a threadbare white tablecloth in some spots and a stained one in others.   From this morning's photograph, Fritz's snow bridge still stands.
Yesterday the boys helped me chip away ice from our driveway for a few hours.  It was back-tiring, arm-aching work. 
One of the ice bricks from the driveway.  That ruler doesn't lie.   We gained two inches in our biceps and lost two inches on the pavement.
Hopefully today more will thaw, because tomorrow ....well, that is another post.

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M & M said...

big puppies! cute kids. cant wai to hear tomorrow's story. praying you get out.