Saturday, December 28, 2013

We're HOME

With our new addition.  Last night after 22 hours of travelling we arrived back in the USA. 
Meet our son, Teddy  
He is a precious seven year old.  If you ask him in English if he speaks English he nods his head yes.  If you ask him in English if he speaks Spanish he nods his head yes.  If you ask him in English if he is a skilled metal worker he also nods his head yes.  You get the point, he doesn't understand a word we are saying. 
 Well, I kept a small journal of our two weeks in China and took more photos than I can possibly edit.  Check back for segmental updates and how God proceeded our journey, sustained us and is working in our new adventures.

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Veronica said...

Anna, I have been watching for news and can not wait to read more about your trip and family. Congratulations. All of you look wonderful and your new son is adorable.