Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Inner Book Worm

Follow a young man's impulsive short-term humanitarian trip to Nepal and how it changes his life.
This book is informative and saddening as children are stolen and even given to child traffickers.  Nepal's poverty and lack of education makes it a very complex cycle that feeds off of the vulnerable as a means to financial gain.  The title and the cover were enough to induce me to read it and I'm glad I did.

Heard so much about this book.  It is a super easy, light read, except when it comes to the application which is a lifetime commitment to the God who captures our heart.  God's love truly is transforming. We can let it  reshape our passions into the things that matter to Him.  We can live crazy Spirit-led lives or get mighty comfortable in the status-quo. 

A historical fiction account of John Calvin.  The early Reformers suffered persecutions and physical burning because they knew who they believed.  They stood fearless in the faith because they glimpsed what could not be lost or won.  How encouraging that in the 16th century men were irresistibly pulled to the same Crazy Love God, Francis Chan speaks about in the 21st.  Truly Jesus can reform the hardest of hearts.  

God's sovereign hand is evident in Fu's infiltration and escape from Communist China.  I love that he chronicles past miracles of God and still plays an active part in the underground movement for freedom. You better believe he has some present miracles he is not at liberty to discuss.  This book will awake the accepting western world to the atrocious crimes a government still commits against its people. 

A lovely read aloud for the kids' school.  Love that the these stories are well-written about World War 2 and how God moved ordinary Dutch families to do remarkable risky things.   Great vocabulary for younger readers and wise lessons for the older ones.  It is a series of five books which we are enjoying.  Found on Veritas Press.

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