Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First See Yourself as a Penny

This morning I made an emergency run to the grocery store.  That happens quite frequently around here.  We are usually out of milk, though I buy five to seven gallons at a time.  Well, while we were on our milk run, Teddy and I realized we needed a few more things like bread and cookies.  The very things that taste so good with a big cold glass of whole milk.   But to get to the bread we walked by the watermelons.  My son loves watermelons.  We chose the prettiest one.  To get to the cookies, we walked by the root beer, which made me think it has been months since we have had root beer floats.  As you can see my cart got fuller and my Teddy was more scrunched in between the "essentials".   With speed walking in my platform heels, even with diversion items we scudded right out of there as if a storm was a brewing, little did I know. 

In the parking lot, I packed the essentials into the car and my precious Teddy with them.  I returned the shopping cart like a good citizen.  As I walked the car length back to our vehicle, I saw one shiny penny.  I stooped and picked it up.  And lo and behold, there was a second penny. 

I shouldn't have been surprised, because God tends to send me twos when he is confirming something.  (Let me give you some background, ever since I have thought of pennies as picking up the least of these which we are called to do as Christians, pennies escalated in value.  In fact, now I would term myself as an aggressive penny picker-upper.  That's what Christ did for me.   He took me of little value sitting in the dirty parking lot of my sin and gave me worth.)   Though Teddy received my material loot that morning, it was I who tucked away the intrinsic lesson that God cares about my son and me.  What precious pennies to meditate on through the day. 

When the storm of a stranger's accusations broke loose not long after, I saw the God who willingly and eagerly picks up pennies.  I will not be talked to as if I have no value, because I know God cares for me.  Let me tell you how much.  I will not be intimidated by such falsehoods, because I know who we follow and I know how He picks up pennies.  There is pure delight in his eyes. There is a rush in his footsteps.  There is holy caress in his hand.  I was the recipient of all that and I refuse to become worthless in my God appointed life.  I was minted for Him, therefore I bear His image and I submit to His valuation and not yours.  He loves me!  Maybe you couldn't hear that I was shouting that.  That is the terrible thing with written word.  To leave you in no doubt, HE LOVES ME! 

As I shared the ridiculous things this Lover of Pennies did for me and my son, the stranger began to cry.  I don't fully understand the cause of those tears, but I hope that the anger broke so that when that person finds herself a "penny" may her gaze turn heavenward to the only God who cares deeply about the least of these.

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M & M said...

good analogy. that and if you give a mouse a cookie...