Saturday, July 05, 2014

Experimenting with Editing

With free Gimp software, I added a light beam and gradient flare.  Now Fritz appears to be outside at dusk and the hole in the canopy above lets in a magical bubble of moonlight.
Original photo, unedited
Again with Gimp,
I played with the light curve to get Fritz's eyes to appear more lustrous and added under Render the fog effect.   Editing can make you believe Fritz is peering through a frosted window in a train bound for Siberia while he is really sweating in our Texas backyard. 

With Photoscape, I turned Fritz's photo into a colored pencil drawing of a different boy. 
In this digital age, the options of photo editing are limitless and it can be overwhelming where to start and what to do.  For years I have used Picassa which is super user friendly, and recently I downloaded two new photo editing programs, Photoscape, moderately user friendly, and Gimp, more advanced.  I suggest playing with different options and always making a copy of the original photo.  With a few clicks, you can definitely take an ordinary picture to another level and location without spending a dime.

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M & M said...

Fun to see. Really like the first one! And amazing how the pencils do make him look like a different boy despite having all the same elements.