Thursday, September 04, 2014

When Belonging Leaves a Mark

 Several months ago, Ben noticed someone had keyed his auto paint.  He followed the line to the front of his truck.  There he discovered the word DaD etched in the finish.  Well, Ben showed me and we pretended to guess which of our five dear children defaced his truck.   You might say our brains worked fast that day and we knew who the culprit was in less than a second.   Ben turned to me and said, "At least he is a good speller."

Belonging is suppose to leave you stronger and more intact, but sometimes belonging etches deep, and it is painful sweet. The boy who doesn't look a smidgeon like his DaD is going to make sure the world knows that DaD not only has a blue truck but a little son who can spell.  He belongs.  Read and see; the orphan is a son.

Please don't tell Teddy, but the truck has never looked so pretty.


gwen said...

That is Precious! Love, Nana

M & M said...

sad and sweet all at the same time! What a lovely response!