Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bizarre Events

Today I found out from a wedding planner (by mail and newspaper engagement clipping) that my husband is getting married. Congratulations! Who is the lucky lady? I sure wouldn't want to use the planner's services since I bet they would botch the guest list and alienate your dear Uncle Alfie and Aunt Methuselah. Now there are 3 men of the same name in our city. We field calls for one of them on a regular basis. It makes it doubly confusing since he is a doctor too. Yesterday I found out that my husband's publisher (by phone) wants to speak to him about his book. Wow, my husband, the author! When does he have time to write?

Today we also went to the post office. My kids had a blast waiting in line because there was two inches of water on the floor inside. They splashed in the water with their snow boots. The lady in front of me asked the mail clerk whether she was aware of the water on the floor. No, they weren't. They sent someone to investigate and found water cascading down the stairs like a waterfall. Wild! I only hope my package doesn't get water damaged.

Pink and red clash, food on your face, a dirty collar and your tongue is hanging out like a frog...but you are still amazingly cute, little fire chief.

Now Emily knows what it is like to be in mommy's shoes. As you can see, Emily's hair is getting darker and growing so long. She isn't keen on styling it though. If you look closely, you can see Jane eager to taste those shoelaces.

The moisture on the window turned to an ice design. You can see glimpses of icicles hanging from the roof outside. It has been bitter cold with the wind chill in the -20s. Snow is a foot deep.

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stephanie said...

a foot of snow! wow. i can only imagine.

i can't believe the people at the post office were oblivious to the flooded floor. how strange.

emily's hair is getting long, she looks so much older than when you were visiting. i think my girls will love to play dressup. they try on my shoes, and snatch things out of the dirty laundry to drape across their shoulders like shawls.