Monday, February 26, 2007

My Little Artists

Jane sporting a beret. Since she sticks out her tongue practically all day, I think she could paint with it. It really is a most peculiar phenomenon. Is her tongue too large for her mouth? Or her mouth too small for her tongue? A book I recently started said the girls in Tibet greet people with their tongues sticking out. Maybe she is versed in the Tibetan culture and just trying to be friendly.

Emily is an artist too. She is a drama mama. Last night when Ben went to check on her at 8:30pm, she said, "Daddy, I'm reading. Don't turn the light off or I'll spank you." Ben turned the light off and fled for his life. Little E scares us.

Drawing is a favorite past time. In her enthusiasm, paper and crayons get scattered on the floor. Jane loves the chance to eat Emily's artwork and taste the crayons. When I opened Jane's mouth tonight, she was chewing on a green bean colored crayon. At least she isn't opposed to her veggies.

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