Monday, February 19, 2007


Enjoying a chocolate donut. Scrumpdiddlydicious!

A Valentine message in the driveway. Alex and I sprayed the snow with food coloring. Of late, we have also been enjoying lots of snow cones. Juice concentrate drizzled over the snow makes cheap dessert. The only drawback is that you can't have them when the weather is warmer. By the time you have finished the last spoonful, the shivers set in, especially since we keep our house at 62 in winter.

Why did you wake me? Ben told me Jane was hugging her shark in her sleep, by the time I got the camera her little arms had repositioned and the flash woke her. Oops.

We're all prisoners here, Chicky Baby!


Jeanine said...

Has there ever been anyone more ready for spring than y'all in the polar north???? Sweet Jane...those chapped cheeks just crack me up.

stephanie said...

i always love your pictures, and i agree, her cheeks are always so rosy.