Thursday, August 23, 2007

45 Vaccinations

This past week we received a call from the county saying the second bat we caught in our house was rabid. Since we were asleep with the first bat, there is a chance we could have gotten scratched or bit by the bat. I have been feeling a bit rabid, but my kids have a way of doing that to me. Ben jokingly told me he would tie me to the tree in the back yard. It was Ben that turned around to show me he was foaming at the mouth the other night, but toothpaste has a way of doing that. As rabies is fatal, Ben made up our minds and marched us up to the ER. After following the exposure protocol, the entire family will receive 45 vaccinations over the course of the month. We will have another round tomorrow and two more rounds after that. It is getting increasingly hard to convince the kids that shots aren't painful. The nurses are exceptional and have done their best to amuse the kids with take-home water gun syringes, stuffed animals, stickers and lollipops. God again answered prayer by removing a huge financial burden from the visits with the kindness of the doctors and staff. ER copays for six people, five times was astronomical. Due to God's grace we have in writing the 4 subsequent copays will be waived. It definitely helped that Ben works there.


Jeanine said...

Oh good grief. As if the "normal" vaccinations aren't trying enough...45 in one month? I feel for you and would not blame you one bit if you sneak a glass of bubbly before hauling all those kids joyfully into the doctor's office!

stephanie said...

i hope that 45 is the total for the family and not per person. but 45 doesn't divide evenly by 6 though.

good thing you got it tested. i dont' think we would have thought of that. didn't it almost bite ben?

i am painting my kitchen. again. i think i've been watching too much hgtv lately. i am going to paint the hallway walls and trim next.

stacy seago said...

Girl...yuck! Bryant gets a shot weekly for Asthma and it is no fun at all!