Thursday, August 30, 2007

So long summer

Enjoying the last of summer outside.

We began school this week. Fritz was so excited that he wanted to do his "school work" long after Alex had closed his books. Fritz mainly colored pictures of a dinosaur with the number one on his back and a plate heaped high with spaghetti which resembled figure eights. He signs his papers with his name Firz which is too cute to correct. As long is he is of good character, his name is of little consequence. Afterall, he has been my Felix, my Fritzgerald, my Fritzsimmons, my Whit, and now my precious little furs.

Adventurous Jane is in training for her future Tarzan. She climbed/fell out of her crib this past week. I placed cushions all around her crib, because she is too young not to be contained. I expect she will come toddling downstairs one of these nights and that will be the end of my peace.

This is love. Ben having been up all night the day before, comes home at noon and works on the roof till dusk to keep his family safe from those rabid intruders. He also worked on sealing the minuscule cracks in the interior of the second closet in our bedroom. Sometimes I panic going upstairs when it is dark. And I still keep rags at the crack under the closet door.

You can pray for us, tomorrow is our fourth set of shots. Last time, Alex had to be held down by three men and the needle broke because he was so tense. The pharmacy had to prepare another shot which resulted in more time in the hospital and Alex had to be poked again. His howls had a domino effect and the other children throughout the ER began to cry (including ours).


stephanie said...

oh poor alex. i will pray for him. i hope that this incident doesn't forever set a fear in his heart of shots. i'll pray God will make him brave.

i am glad Ben is sealing up your house. i hope that sets your mind at ease and you can assuredly remove the stuffing under the doors. when i do laundry in the basement, i always enter very cautiously, because i have seen bugs, geckos, frogs, and one giant rat scurry away upon my entry.

are you starting fritz on school too?

Jeanine said...

Beautiful photos...makes me a bit envious because our summer heat wave toasted everything...your green gardens look so appealing!
I'm so sorry you are having to endure those shots. Poor kids. And poor mom having to force them all to go through with it. I, too, pray that God will make Alex brave. Enjoy the beginning of Fall...I am SO ready for it to make it's way this direction!

stephanie said...

you should go read jessie's blog. your mint brownies have made it around the world.