Friday, August 10, 2007

Emily's hair

I have had a trying week with Emily. She has been terribly disobedient and destructive. And because I wouldn't let her have a cookie, she told me she hated me. Loving your enemies, doing good to those who hate you is frankly quite difficult. In the photo, her behavior caught up with her, she fell asleep eating her ramen.

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nita said...

i am slow to respond because, sadly, i have nothing to offer! nothing, that is, except my prayers for you and yours. just as in job 2:13, "i sit with you in silence, seeing that your pain is very great". god is sovereign!
i have experienced those painful words from two of mine (the female two, of course!), and that was just within the last 6 months - when they really are old enough to know what they are saying! nevertheless, i still have nothing of value to offer you but my prayers and the joy of knowing our sovereign god!