Thursday, October 30, 2008


My week has been filled with hours of playing Tetris. I'm packing up our over 3,000 volume library and find the process much like a 3-D, book falling from the sky, jigsaw puzzle. How many thin books will equal this fat one to achieve a solid flat surface. It is made more difficult by the fact the boxes are all different dimensions, but beggars can't be choosers. (Truly, I am grateful for the sturdy boxes from the grocery store.) For the casual looker, our house is now stacked with boxes of kiwis and pineapples. If only the weather would cooperate, you would think it is a tropical paradise here.

"Why the packing?" HGTV has made me aware of the decorating shortcomings of my personal love for books. Books make our house look cluttered. Clutter will not sell our house. With the current competition, houses for-sale practically have to come with maid service. Therefore, we are moving non essentials down to Texas at the end of November to cozy up our new home. I'm already feeling lost without shelves of books to peruse. In fact, the most difficult part is choosing what to pack as I've meant to read that or want to reread this. Perhaps the want for books will serve as a magnet and attract me south for the winter.

(Photo-in progress. The built-ins properly accessorized will look better. Extra shelves will be disassembled. Furniture will be rearranged. I have a lot of staging to do.)


Beajoy said...

OOOOOh I'm dreading doing that!!!! Before having children I was determined that our house would be not be cluttered with baby items. Despite my best efforts, our house has become "baby central"!!! Three highchairs in one kitchen is a bit much!!! I have no idea where we'll put all the baby gear when we have to show our house!!! Happy Packing!

Jenny said...

sounds like alot of work! i'm glad i don't have a move in my forseeable future. post pics of the new & improved look, too! :)

M&M said...

...or perhaps the want of books will drive you to the thrift store in Kalamazoo for light reading until you are south.
What will you do then with the extra books?

stacy seago said...

Thank you for praying for David. No skin graft today ~ what a blessing!! now just healing of the bones.