Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Faces of February

Awaiting her first intentional haircut. Emily, my fashion guru, is in a bathing suit with black tights. (This isn't strictly a face, but hair gets in her face. The gossamer link to the title caption.)

Such a winsome expression!

The snow piles were significantly higher, but I forgot to take a photo. (Snow is the true face of a February in Michigan.)

My sweet Valentine with a fresh haircut.

My young man built a jolly snowman out of less than jolly snow. Frankly, the yard was a slushy mess.

My cute doc who I miss. He is in Vegas.

Emily, all on her lonesome, put together this ethereal assemblage. She even cut a semi-opaque plastic bag to wear under her head band. Very chic! Jane is in a state of undress and indecision. What can she wear to be as fabulous as E?

This is not derogatory, but Jane reminds me of Miss Piggy in this photo. I think she is precious.

Okay. This one just makes me laugh. For someone so brilliant he can be very silly. I love that.

Ahh. What a beautiful girl!

The Reigning Pageant Queen and her swimsuit competitor. Bikinis should always be worn with heels.


M&M&M said...

What a precious family!

PS where is the Mama?

WigintonFamily said...

how much did you cut off E's head? we had our K and E's first (intentional) haircut recently - 7 inches.

your kids are always so cute in their costumes. where do you get them? i think i need to get more costumes for mine, they love to dress up, especially my E. her latest thing is to be a "sparkle ballerina."