Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulating Sadness

Those aware of the recent news know that a stimulus bill was passed by the house and the senate. Those aware of the details of that bill may have aching hearts like me. It is hard to watch a free nation become a restricted place. My eyes water at the complacency of most Americans to give away freedom in exchange for “security.” The tragedy is that temporal security is as slippery as oil on a teaspoon. With one nudge the oil slips over the side and is gone forever. Security is a bright promise to the godless. When you know God and history better, security is never a guarantee other than in eternity. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the America I knew is on the brink of destruction. Some may scoff and call it exaggeration.

What of the outline in the stimulus how a person’s life will be weighed by age and cost benefit before approval for medical treatment? Who has made the government God?
I am furious that the sanctity of the elderly is in peril. I am furious that under the stimulus doctors will become federal workers. The omniscient government will tell doctors how to treat their patients. When will our nation in its foolishness for global warming and food shortages tell doctors to limit household sizes by forced abortions or sterilization like China?

When will this socialist government cap greedy doctors' pay like already proposed for executives? The government wants the worker bees to feel incensed that the queen bee is reaping the rewards of the hive. Students of science and economics know that without the queen bee the hive wouldn’t survive. However the government wants forced equalization. Our president got elected on promises of redistributing wealth. Remember holding onto your wallet is selfish. The government is going to right the wrongs of the exploited proletariat. The problem is these over-reaching promises spawn a glorified pickpocket.

When will the desperate government retreat to a cashless society because it has devalued the dollar by irresponsible printing of money and borrowing from China? The added benefit is cashless societies are easier to control. No one would disagree that the government who holds 100 million purse strings holds the power.

When will the bankrupted government take away the churches nonprofit status in hopes of filling its empty coffers? Or perhaps churches will be able to keep their tax status if they comply with reeducation of their congregations. And a liberal will be the first to tell you that Christians are in dire need of reeducation with larger than average family sizes, intolerance of “women’s rights” and backwards view on sexual orientation.

China, our benevolent lender, is also becoming our role model. China in their cultural revolution did an efficient job of censoring spoken opposition and pitting the have-nots against the haves. Both of these are happening on our soil. Right now America’s airwaves are under attack. The fairness doctrine is being pushed to silence the opponents to such radical progress. In the near future Rush may not be heard. Dictatorships are born from calamity and aggression. Why do people let themselves be enslaved? Are we asleep? Do our elected officials really even listen? All I know is this stimulus bill has stimulated my sadness.

For more info about the healthcare reform in the stimulus bill…please read the February 9th, Bloomberg article Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey


WigintonFamily said...

i think it is a tragedy that we do not learn from our mistakes, that we do not look back in history or look ahead to the future when making decisions. it seems we do what is best for right now, and often make things much worse for the future.

Jeanine said...

Sadly I say, Amen.