Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pearl and the Pickup

What does the title line mean? Well, sit down and let me tell you. We were taken out to dinner by the practice's doctor and his wife a few days after we settled in our new house. It was such an amazing evening in part because their eldest son willingly babysat 4 unknown terrors. Thank goodness, our kids went to bed when they were told and pretty much minded their P's and Q's. (First impressions of them may have been deceiving. As I am already running on a tangent, let me reiterate how cute the kids looked for company.)

Okay, back to dinner. We dined at our neighborhood country club. Ben ordered a mixed seafood platter. Halfway through dinner Ben found a pearl in his oyster. Wow! How often does that happen in one's life? Since this transition has been unduly stressful, I have been pondering the significance of that lone pearl. Was it chance? Well, if you are a Calvinist like me, you believe God personally planned the details of our past, present and future. God knew that I am smitten with pearls. God knew that Ben would find a pearl at the end of June 2009 (God knew the hour and day which I have already forgotten). God even knew that I would analyze the reason for this rare event.

So here is my thought process, it has been said that pearls mean tears. A pearl is formed by irritation and pain. And so far if we are to be building lustrous layers as pearls I guess it all had to start with those recent blogged annoyances. Was God giving us a sign that we need to learn the fortitude and patience of a pearl? Is God making us perfectly rounded and iridescently layered?

And now for the pickup which is just as astonishing as the pearl. Since arriving in Victoria our only car has been in the shop most of the time. What a luxury reliable transportation is when you don't have it! Well, unasked and unexpected, we received the most generous loan of our lives. The doctor who had taken us to dinner offered us his stunning brand new pickup to drive while we were vechileless. And for those who know price tags, this was the top of the line, four door, six seat, leather and chrome delight. Even our hip neighbor complemented us on our handsome truck.

Lending something of great expense monetarily as well as personally was truly a picture of exuberant generosity. The doctor lent his pickup knowing we couldn't afford the four tires on it and not knowing our driving record and whether we would return it in the same condition. He entrusted us blindly with the best he had to offer. I was challenged by his Christ-like generosity. How guilty I have been of demanding the bounty of God's provisions and forgetting the enormity of his gift. Lord, you have been so good to me! The proof is in the pearl and the pickup.


WigintonFamily said...

i am so glad to hear things are looking up for you! God has been blessing the socks off us lately, i almost want to pinch myself to make sure i am awake and not laying in my bed asleep back in g-town. anyway, i hope all the bugs get worked out of your house and out of your lives soon. i miss you terribly i want very much to come visit you and your kids and your pool.

Jane said...

God is so gracious. He always brings the unexpected when we need it. Blessings to the family who assisted you...and blessings to your family. We learned that, especially during our TX years. And now, we continue to watch as He builds our business. Life with God is always an adventure!