Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We've been Monsterized

Living in S. Texas has altered our appearances. Ben would swear that the chupacabra has nothing on us.

If this made you wish to move to S. Texas, you can forgo the movers and monsterize your loved ones at Buffalo Wild Wings' website. These creations are a product of Dr. Wilson's free time.


M&M&M said...

I am so glad you did not attempt to monsterize me (see last picture)! I would have been scared at the outcome! :)

Jenny said...

yikes! those are some scary monsters!!!

can't believe ben found a pearl in his dinner! what a story! will you make it into a necklace? did the restaurant charge more for his dinner after finding out about the pearl?

Jeanine said...

Ok, Anna, the one of you is especially funny! There is definitely a creepy quality to those!