Friday, August 06, 2010

a brief update

1. 12 days ago Ben did mini surgery on my calf to remove a dime-size cyst. Last night he took out the stitches.
2. Since I didn't want to open my incision I have gotten out of yard work for two weeks straight. That is some sneaky strategy.
3. To make mowing our 3/4 of an acre easier...I finally broke down and bought a self-propelled lawnmower. Alex mowed the front yard with it. He mowed it rather squiggly and an inefficient pattern, but it got done and he earned some bank.
4. Ben commented that Alex's mowing job was symbolic of our life. I'll let you figure that one out, because we're still trying to live it.
5. Since I have gotten out of yard work I painted my dining room and room next to it a deep turquoise/ teal color. I really like the umph it brings and will post photos when I get pictures hung.
6. While I was painting I watched a movie called Closing Escrow. It was filmed a little like the Office and is incredibly funny. For you who have bought a house, you will laugh at the preposterous and exaggerated portrayal of the whole process.
7. Jane and Emily were pretending to be August brides today. Don't know who they are marrying but it was cute ceremony.
8. And Fritz read a whole book to me this afternoon. For him that was a huge accomplishment.


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