Friday, August 13, 2010


Jane went to the dentist yesterday. I noticed her back molars were discolored and I was afraid she had cavities. I was taking the blame for letting her walk around the house with a sippee cup...milk decay? Honestly when we got to number four we grew tired. Also we weren't as conscientious about helping Jane brush her teeth. We let her scrub her pearly whites at a much younger age than the others. Well, my suspicions were correct. However the dentist told me that her back molars were irregularly rough and missing enamel. He said she probably got a fever as a baby and those teeth malformed. Well, it seemed sort of sad to have to fill baby teeth but because she shouldn't lose them anytime soon, it was the only thing to do. She sat very still for the dentist and had one tooth filled and another one scheduled for September. Jane was tickled that the dentist called her "Princess Jane" and gave her little bag of prizes, and, of course, the new toothbrush.

Later that night Alex helped Emily pull out her loose tooth. And Jane said,
"When Emily loses all her teeth, she is going to be rich!" The sweet perspective of a four year old.

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WigintonFamily said...

I'm glad she had a good experience. Katie is convincesd she has a loose tooth (she actually might). But then samuel chimed in and said "it's because you suck your thumb that your teeth are falling out." She just burst out with frightened tears. I tried to help by saying we can take her to the doctor but that only intensified her wailing.

Well anyway. I can't believe little Jane is four! Where have the years gone??