Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weeks of Work - One Big Payoff

As I wanted to stimulate my kids to chip in with the tasks around our house, I instigated a point system. 10 points equals a dollar and 100 points is $10.00. I'm a firm believer in capitalism and the worker is worth his wages. Well, I discovered this nifty Lego set on clearance and purchased it as an extra incentive. Believe me, the boys didn't get to open it till it was paid in full. It remained in my closet waiting for them. Fritz took out the trash and neatened the thirty sets of shoes in the garage and received 2 points. Alex made two beds and received 2 points. The boys washed and dried dishes. Alex mowed the lawn for 50 points and babysat for another 50 points. Fritz vacuumed his room and the family room. Fritz put away his folded laundry for 2 points. Fritz washed windows. Alex swept the sidewalk. The possibilities for earning points seem to be abundant as killing cockroaches also gets points (however you must dispose of their dead bodies or its an incomplete job). I'm very proud of my boys for working so hard!


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M & M said...

What a fun afternoon!

WigintonFamily said...

good for you and your boys! i once tried to give samuel an entire $1 for smooshing a roach - he chickened out. i don't think i would do that for $100.

we had a sticker chart system last year that earned them trips to the dollar store.

did you get my email yesterday about FBC Galveston? call me!


Shayna said...

Wow! Do they get extra points if they do things at our house? Because we have some dirty windows and cars to wash... :)

Good job Fritz and Alex! We're proud of you for being such good workers and helping your mom with a cheerful heart!