Friday, February 03, 2012

Gratitude Increasers

A nonfiction man living a fiction story. There is no doubt this German immigrant is highly intelligent, but he squanders his brains. He may have been only an accomplished moocher, but the author questions whether "Rockefeller" is also a murderer. My takeaway: I am grateful my husband is a truth teller with no pretense.

A Lebanese woman's life in fast forward. At times this FBI/CIA agent pats herself on the back a little too often, but I think it may be do to the horrendous years of her investigation and her hard upbringing. This book evokes injustice and the power of the federal government. My takeaway: I am grateful to live in a culture that honors women and that the streets of my neighborhood are not shell pocked.

Three generations of Chinese women. So little options for them, these women's lives were entwined in the environment and political culture of their days. It is a secular, yet exhaustive view into China. Very powerful and at times stomach sickening. Class warfare is a dangerous thing. China without the restraint of Christ's love is a suicidal hell. My takeaway: I am grateful to have been born in a time and place of peace.

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