Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Do this in Remembrance

This past Sunday, I was blessed to hear Alex administer the words of institution over communion.  With eyes outward, Alex held the plate of bread before the entire congregation and recited from heart,

"In the night in which he was betrayed, our Lord Jesus took bread, and gave thanks; he broke it and gave it to his disciples saying: 'Take and eat; this is my body given for you.  Do this for the remembrance of me.'"
And then Alex went back to the altar and picked up the cup and returned to the pulpit to recite,

"Again, after supper, he took the cup, gave thanks and gave it to them saying: 'This is the new covenant in my blood, shed for you and for the forgiveness of sin.  Do this for the remembrance of me.'"

A man over sixty in our Sunday school class was touched by how reverently Alex handled the elements.  In the first service Alex's voice was quiet in the microphone, but his earnest face spoke even to the back row.  The second service he leaned closer to the microphone.  Alex didn't appear nervous at all...that was a gift from God. 

Before we partook of communion, Alex led the congregation in the Lord's Prayer.  It will be a marker in my life the day I  received the cup of wine from the hand of my twelve-year-old son as he said to me, "Christ's blood shed for you."  When I swallowed the wine I felt like I better understood how precious Christ's blood was to his father and the pride of the Father in his obedient son. 

It was beautiful to watch after all who came forth to kneel and receive, Alex and another took the wine and bread to the aged who physically couldn't come forward.  May my son always be ready to carry the blood of redemption and the Bread of Life to a hungry people. 


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From my full heart... said...

My heart melted as I read that. What a blessing to experience this with your sweet boy. I love what God is doing in our sons and daughters!

Shayna said...

How beautiful! We're so proud of you, Alex, and love to see how you serve our Lord!