Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Dog that Comes Back to You

Meet the neighbor's dog, Boomer.  Alex expects it is short for boomerang.  Since the dog weighed 67 pounds we didn't try throwing him, but he likely would have come back to us because he was a slobbering gentle giant who seemed to enjoy our kids examining his loose jowls, our kids shaking his numerous folds and our kids directing him on leash across the lawn.  In an understatement, our kids fell in love and since Ben and I prefer a pet free house, this is about as close to dog ownership as our kids get. Pobrecitos!


Notice how photogenic the dog is. I think he could do commercials.


1 comment:

M & M said...

I agree--very photogenic.
If you are so adverse to dog ownership, I know where you can get two perfectly lovely cats... :)