Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lore of the Bathtub

Last week, Ben woke before 4 am to go fishing.  In the darkness, I reached over to his bedside table and felt the cardboard box I had placed there the night before.  The orange box of Dramamine.  He forgot it.  I walked it out to the kitchen where the sleepy fisherman was.  Whether the medicine worked or not, I do not know, because Ben found the water calm but the fish jostling to get hooked. A good combination!

The day before, Ben told the kids he gets seasick in the bathtub.  Jane piped up, "But you don't take baths.  You take showers."  And the reply was,"That's why."

After seeing these Russian photos, bathtub lore is substantiated. The cat is looking a little green in the eyes.  I think he may be suffering temporary seasickness. 

About to give up...and something changes.  Perhaps the cat toweled off between photos and swallowed a Dramamine, because he valiantly dives under the rough water to

capture his dinner.  

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