Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finding my son on Facebook

Yesterday was a momentous day.  Just imagine scrolling through hundreds of pictures on Facebook and recognizing photos that you never knew existed.  That is what happened to me.  I found Teddy's beginnings that strangers were commenting on years before I knew my son.  It was like going house hunting and finding photos on the wall of your grandfather posed with the owner.  I sure did not expect such a treasure.  What a gift of God to live in the digital age of photography.
Teddy, 4, and another little munchkin, 3, were driven 800 miles to another province to receive treatment on their feet 

Playing washers
Teddy, my little scholar, is reading while his friend poses

Teddy with his double casts is second from right

Sky High- Teddy with his back to the camera

Proof even back then, electronics were fascinating to Teddy.

Teddy with some special friends

Looks like they may have done some shenanigans together.  I'm sure Teddy was the innocent party ;)


Marked his face in his artistic endeavors, Teddy reminds me of a little lion with his shag and pen whiskers.

American children are told they are digging holes to China, but I imagine Chinese children think they are digging holes to the other side of China. 
Floating a handmade boat.

Once so small
The pencil looks bigger than him

Fire trucks hold fascination everywhere.

Precious ponderings. 

Expectant children.  Teddy, front row, second from right.

Years later the two children that arrive together, return 800 miles to their first orphanage.  They are about to be adopted by two different families in the same state, 8,000 miles away from their birth country.

Only God can write such improbable stories. 

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