Monday, May 25, 2015

Packaged Food and Imported Telly

Best chip I have ever tasted! 
Grand chips could be paired with Grand Designs. 
 British telly that follows homeowners as they build their dream homes.  Some are lavish and others are eco driven.  The styles of the homes and locations vary greatly by episode.

Woodsman Cottage

I've missed all the jasmine tea in China. One day I found this tin at our Asian market.  Love it.
As you sip your hot tea, you might be in the mood for an episode of Restoration Home.
Again the British must love their homes.  Watch determined, deep-pocketed people overcome planning permission and months of renovations to transform unique properties.
Nutborne Common Pumping Station

This is mocha flavored perfection.

You might like to pair this ice cream with an episode of May the Best House Win.
An often zany British competition betwen four strangers that allow them full access to each others homes on the hopes of winning the title of the best house and cash.
Rimbard Manor

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