Friday, December 22, 2006

A Future Entomologist?

Look what God has made. He crafted such detail on something so little. Aren't they gorgeous? Before Fritz was born, Ben and I and some good friends climbed in the Guadalupe Mountains. When we almost reached the summit, we saw a tree that we thought was covered with red berries. When we got closer we realized "the berries" were thousands of lady bugs.

Peek-a-boo. A child's hands are precious.

Emily loves lady bugs and wears them whenever possible (even in her hair).
When outside Emily crouches down and looks at all the bugs on the ground. She likes to watch them move. Like Alex she seems to be incredibly observant. She knows hot pads are for opening ovens. She attempted to show me six months ago. Around the same time, she began brushing her teeth with toilet water and helping herself to snacks out of the pantry. Thankfully, Emily now has matured and is using the toilet in its designed manner and if she gets snacks, she gets some for her brothers too. Being always hungry herself, she is every considerate of their potential hunger pains. She deposits a handful of crackers at each of their places at the table and then says, "Dinner time, boys." "Dinner time" can be several times a day. She will make an excellent mommy, because meal preparation comes quite naturally.
Another humerous Emilyism, she has confused "the end" with "amen". When she finishes looking through every book she proudly says, "amen." She has the makings of a charismatic, food-loving entomologist.


Jeanine said...

Precious, precious, precious! You are such a creative mommy. Don't you wish baby fat looked as cute on grownups?

stephanie said...

hmmm, whom did you go hiking with? i remember those lady bugs. that was so cool. remember that strange orange snake? emily is just precious.