Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sparky Visits

Alex had the honor of taking Sparky home from Awana this week. Throughout the year each clubber gets the chance to take Sparky home and record Sparky's adventures in a journal.

I have been reading through the journal and it is so funny. One entry says, Sparky speaking, "I hung out in Julia's bedroom wearing a sparkly purple dress- boy, did I look good!" Another entry says, "Sparky brushed his teeth and ate a pop tart with me. On the bus, he almost jumped out the window for a piece of Starburst candy, but I caught him." And still another clubber wrote, "Sparky held the pail while the calves drank their milk. He even had a ride on a calf. Then he had a ride on a fluffy chicken. He said she was soft. He sat on Joker, the cat. He sky-dived down the clothes chute...Sparky rode on the ceiling fan, ate ice cream and tapioca pudding- which he decided he liked." Lastly, "On Thanksgiving day...Sparky stayed home because he was afraid Grandma's dog would eat him. Over the weekend, Sparky watched us cut down some trees in our yard. He watched from my bedroom so that the trees would not fall and flatten him!"

What will Sparky do at our house that can compare to any of that?

FYI: Awana is a church club where kids do intense Scripture memory, play games, sing and listen to Bible stories. Last year I knew nothing about it when I signed up to be a leader...but it wasn't long before I realized what an incredible program. I love it! I hope all my kids will get a chance to go through it.

Fritz is a Cubbie. He also is responsible for Scripture memory. He looks forward to the club award nights when Cubbie Bear comes and gives the 3 and 4 year olds hugs. (It is a man dressed up in a teddy bear suit, a few timid children are scared. However Fritz goes up there and high fives the bear and wants a big hug. I need to remember my camera.)

Alex's sweet artwork. A GI-Joe.

What a challenge to capture four in a photo.

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