Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wonder of Paper

Our Christmas trees looked in need of some origami cranes. The boys and I found directions on the web and started folding. When their birds were done they began whizzing through the air. Some did nest in the trees. When Emily saw the finished result, she had to have one too. We folded more while Jane chewed the paper ends like bubble gum. When I realized she had a big wad in her mouth, I removed it and she was disconsolate. It reminded me of when I was young (older than Jane) and my dad brought home recycled computer paper for our artistic pursuits. The paper had perforated edges with holes in them. Those edge strips were prized almost more than the paper. I, at least, remember chewing them till they were all gummy. To a six year old they must have tasted great, because I developed a chewing addiction (some years later I saved bubble gum in a little hotel soap box which I chewed off and on for several months). But back to that special computer paper… those edges also made terrific bangles for my wrists and handles for my paper pocket books which I stamped with my Hello Kitty stamp set.
The possibilities with paper are endless. My creative Alex is always surprising me with new ideas for its use. He has made double-sided GI-Joes, Spider man sleeves with a black grid and a red crayon, moustaches for mailmen, whimsical hats, towns for his figurines, magnifying glasses, swords, guns, place mats, treasure boxes, Waldo books and sweet cards for every occasion. Alex is always surrounded with scissors, glue, tape and paper. Fritz and Emily watch in awe. Tomorrow maybe we can create paper snowflakes to hang from the chandelier. That will keep little fingers busy.

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Jeanine said...

Oh I remember that computer paper! I also loved the edges! You are such a creative mom, and I am sure that is a beautiful Christmas tree with such special little touches on it.