Sunday, April 08, 2007

Emily moments

Wide-eyed Emily.

Sad Emily.

Happy Emily.

Surprised Emily.


stephanie said...

wow you have posted a lot recently! first of all, i thought it sad you said bye to your kitty. we really should get rid of ours, but alas, we've had her so long, i am afraid it would be be too tragic for samuel.

your post about easter really cheered me up. we had a stinky easter, nobody went to church and we spent the day(s) cleaning up the results of gastroenteritis that hit our three kids very hard.

clark has been working his tail off. he has had more time at home than ben but it is spent studying or working on his research paper. kind of like dangling the grapes just out of reach in front of the starving man. i have been feeling sorry for myself and wishing we had a break, but your words remind me to hold onto God and his plans for me. i hope your pastor's wife recovers. we will pray for her.

stacy seago said...

I love those precious faces!! God has great plans for you guys.....