Friday, April 20, 2007

Sleep Masks and the sleepy

Precious Fritz.

The kids have been having a glorious time wearing sleep masks (with added holes). How you wear it doesn't much matter. The important part is that you wear it. Fashion never looked so cute.

Finally after tears Fritz sat for a hair cut. He sits perfectly still unlike his squirmy brother. Leftover Easter candy served as an incentive.

Jane exhausted after eating a picnic lunch where she rolled her hot dogs in the dirt and crawled around the park with bark in her mouth. That milk must taste a whole lot better.


Jeanine said...

It's amazing what sugar will accomplish. Avery let the dentist clean her teeth yesterday because she had been promised a donut if she complied.

stephanie said...

jeanine's comment made me laugh! i love your pictures and commentary! it's like a live photo album. samuel sits still for a haircut, and the lady lets him vacume it up when she is done.