Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Break

It is spring break, and it gives me time to dream a bit. I have been painting beds and looking at house plans. I did say dream. I really couldn't say where we'll live in 2 1/2 years or whether we would build or buy, but, nonetheless, it is fun perusing. Since we have so many books I think it would be great to have a house with a two story library. Of course a secret chamber would be neat like in the movie, How to Steal a Million. Lots of windows, wood floors and a walk-in-pantry. When my sister and I were little we loved to play MASH. If you have never played it, you have missed out. M stands for mansion, A for apartment, S for shack, H for house. We added C in there for castle or cave, R for ranch and B for boxcar. We would list off all the amenities in our homes. Whether it had an indoor swimming pool, golf course, candy store, beauty salon, the more over the top the better. We would list location choices for our homes- in the mountains, on the beach, surrounded by farmland, in the dessert. What state the house would be in. Whether the house had air conditioning or plumbing. How many bedrooms it had. How many bathrooms it had. I'm sure we had more variable but I've forgotten them all. My sister would spiral her pen and I would call "stop". Then I would count the loops on the spiral and that would be my magic number. If I got a number 3 I would start counting at M and cross off the third option. And keep counting till I crossed off all the variables but one in each category. Inevitable it would end up that I had a ten bedroom boxcar in North Carolina, in the dessert, with air conditioning but no bathrooms, it had servant quarters and a tennis court on the roof. Maybe I can convince Alex to play MASH with me.


Jeanine said... the first glimpse of those pictures I thought Ben must have gotten a raise! :)
You know, there are some quite beautiful 10 bedroom cabooses in the Nashville area...hint hint! :)

pbandj7 said...


i remember playing MASH with you and marg a long time ago. funny.

as far as housing goes, i think you will find a nice cosy house wherever yall go. and although its fun to dream about grand mansions, i am sure you will be much more practical.