Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday snow

Ben, post call, but willing to play outside with us. Jane liked being pulled around in the sled. She was so padded in warmth she could barely move in her bunting. Little snowflakes collected on her nose and lashes.

Whenever Jane has a chance she is standing now. I love her footing in the picture.

When she is up... all our books come down. Her favorite pursuit is to clear the shelves as quickly as possible. She is a minimalist. Clear that clutter.

Emily pleased to help out with the shoveling.

Even if we don't pile into the car to go sledding on the golf course, they still enjoy being pulled in the yard.

Helping them form a pillar. With this snow, building an igloo would be possible.

The beginnings of a robotic snowman. Alex has close tabs on Emily so she won't knock their masterpiece down prematurely. I've seen people paint their snowmen with food coloring. I've been amazed at the sophistication and variation of the snowmen here. Ours tend to look like a Southerner has made them. I guess we don't have enough practice yet.

Our house with our massive trees. May the trees remain pointing to heaven and not fall on us in a storm. That would be a dramatic way to meet our Maker.

That Coke does something to my eyes. Mmm. SO Good.

A snow angel if I have ever seen one.


stephanie said...

your showy house is lovely. you should use your sandcastle building skilz and make a snow castle.

next sunday is my first sunday as the 3/4 year sunday school teacher. so no more grown up sunday school upstairs. but i will always have donuts :)

Regina said...

Anna, your kiddos are so precious! WOW, what fun in all of that snow! I think we had about ten snowflakes in our little "snow storm" so we could not make a snowman, but the girls loved playing in the snow anyway! :)

Jeanine said...

Your house is beautiful! The kids look like they are having so much fun. We are hoping for our first "snow" this week but I suspect it will be nothing compared to what you are wading through!