Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Power outage and fur coats

Fritz in my Goodwill fox coat. The boys thought it grand fun to dress in my coats. It reminded them of Narnia where the children wear fur coats from the wardrobe.

Sir Knight and Little Miss Arsenal. Maybe Jane will be the damsel in distress, because Emily wants to fight alongside the boys. Having the boys first I guess makes Emily one tough cookie.

Wearing Daddy's coat. What a handsome fellow. He is in the process of growing his hair out for the first time since he was about 1 something. He has had a buzz for years.

Funny bunny Jane. She is getting her first tooth.

Admiring some fat squirrels in our yard. Ben discovered they were storing food in our attic. About 100 pine cones and munching loudly while we were trying to sleep. He cleared out their stash and blocked their entrance. (He did this all on a twenty foot ladder with ice on the ground. He could have been his own patient.) Thanks to his bravery, we can get some precious shut eye.

A rare sight...Emily smiling for the camera. Recently she has begun singing Jesus Loves Me with a verse saying "I am hungee (hungry)."

Gorgeous E, the Silver fox. I meant to post the other day, but we had a power outage due to the ice storm. Eight hours later power was back up. Boy, do I admire our forefathers. How difficult it must have been to stay warm and see adequately. How time consuming cooking and gathering firewood would have been. What a privilege to live when nights can be as bright as day and microwaves nuke hot dogs.

P.S. The cat has stayed, but has resigned herself to spending most of her time where the children are not. She was named Wensleydale. The origin is Wallace and Gromit. Their favorite cheese is Wensleydale. If we get another animal we'll have to name it Crackers.


stephanie said...

so are you going to call the cat the entire name? that's a mouthful. "Wensleydale get off the table!"

your children are as usual so
funny and cute! i will be very interested to see alex's hair in a month.

i can't believe you had that much junk in your attic. and i thought my attic was horrible when we found that long ago dead rat (remember the story? we thought the hanging down rat tail in the closet was a wire, and clark even tested it to see if it was live. eeelch.)

i can't believe you got fur coats at goodwill. but then again you always seem to find cool stuff like that for practially nothing.

Jeanine said...

What beautiful pictures! Love those pudgy cheeks. With all that cold weather, you must need a vacation down South, don't you think? Seeing how much your kids have grown makes me long for a reunion! Wouldn't our 8 have a big time!