Monday, January 08, 2007

blurry kitty

After having a nameless kitty for two days, I understand the rise in virtual pets. She is 8 months old and came to live with us on Saturday due to an absurd mental lapse in our no inside pet policy. She is the most tolerant kitty and has let Emily carry her upstairs and here and there. However when the kids are in bed she is more comfortable. She snuggles in your lap and purrs incessantly. She is very affectionate, but she does shed and only after two days I'm finding hair nearly everywhere. I am pondering whether this sweet creature will have to find her home with someone who is less particular about cat hair.

If we do keep her, I guess she will need a name. Emily calls her Catty, Alex wants to call her Tink and Fritz wants to call her ChoCho (after Daddy's favorite beverage Coke). Catsmeat Potters Purrbright would be distinguished, but a cat with three names might get stuck up and not mingle with us commoners. What to do? What to do?


Jeanine said...

Oh dear. It seams that you have lost your mind!!! As a confirmed "dog person", I must encourage you to sweep up that cat hair and find a sweet, non-shedding, unable to claw furniture, no need for cat-litter companion!
Just kidding. Well, sort-of. It is really cute...for a cat! Better you than me, my friend!

stephanie said...

you got a cat?! you are just full of suprises!

your house will forever more have cat hair in strange places. mostly on your pillow or your favorite sunday dress. my advise to you is to get him declawed as soon as possible. nevermind if you think it's cruel. think of your furniture.