Monday, January 01, 2007

47 degrees

Emily assisting her lamb. Lamb kept falling off the tricycle...poor thing. A rare 47 degrees in December and the sun was shining too. Emily took off her sweater, because she thought it was so warm.

Alex posed before our storm door. Not cold enough for snow. Only rain.

Zorro and Fritz crossing stick swords. Snow boots double as swashbuckling boots. They are so easy to put on. Since we have a shoeless house it is nice not to tie laces every time they decide to go out.

Emily and Lamb riding the tricylcle.

Dresses on little girls are so becoming. She looks like a little doll. She has spied some creepy crawly. One of her favorite dresses, because it has ladybugs on it.

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Jeanine said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful. Love Emily in the girlie girl dress! Glad you had some warm weather. Isn't it funny how 47 degrees used to feel cold?