Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All things Smart

Sweet Alex is loving Get Smart. We splurged and bought the complete collection on DVD with our Discover card cash back. Alex wants to dress like his favorite spy. His flannel shirt acts as a blazer. Kaos beware, Control has a new agent.

A BLESSED change in her countenance. We have switched churches and Emily is now no longer throwing fits in the parking lot nor screaming all the way home. She loves going to her new class and comes out smiling and cheerful. It was one of the smartest things we have ever done. When Emily is miserable, she is her greatest enemy. For someone so young, she is incredibly intense. Her need for love and praise has become obvious, but at times my shallow self has such a hard time delivering the unconditional love of which I, myself, am a recipient. God didn't love me when I was lovely or lovable...but while I was yet a sinner Christ died for me. My relationship with Emily is a beautiful reminder of the depth and width of Christ's love for me, for her and for each of us.

Jane eager to get her shoes on too. The littlest pipsqueak is ringing the bells on the back door telling me to hurry up.

Who could have designed something so cute? Alex is writing a story about himself as a spy with his own shoe phone. His buddy Fritz is to meet him at a warehouse to find Kaos' hideout. More adventures yet to be penned.


Regina said...

Oh my, what precious stories about your children! I had never your youngest, but from your posts, I feel like ya'll live next door. You do such a great job capturing their personalities in writing! Thank you for sharing your life and your love and struggles with us! Know that you are not alone, I have a sweet little girl like little Emily and it is a daily reminder of God's precious love for us!

peter said...


what do you think changed in emily?


Tranquility of Spirit said...
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Tranquility of Spirit said...

Peter, I have been praying for her. The change is only possible by God's intervention. He must be taming her headstrong spirit. At our new church E is greeted so warmly by the teachers. She walks in knowing they are glad that she came. One of my favorite reminders from Experiencing God is where you see God working involve yourself. I see him clearly working in Emily's life in this church so here we'll remain.